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The Martella Electric Difference

What makes Martella Electric different from all competitors?

Hourly Rates vs. Martella Electric

A lot of our Customers first ask us about our "Hourly Rates" when considering us for electrical work or repairs. When we respond , "We don't have an hourly rate", some are surprised.

An "hourly rate based" service company has no incentive to show up on time, or complete your repairs or work in an efficient manner. In fact, just the opposite is true, if they "take their time" on your repairs or project they are rewarded by you with more money! If they have to go and get more supplies or material, you pay for their unpreparedness! We don't believe that is fair or right. A repair or job should be priced up front, with all the options availed to you, and then you decide what option to take.

Customer Satisfaction

We offer an unequalled Guarantee, and we can prove it. If your not satisfied with our work, you don't pay. Period. That's how it should be. We offer a (3) three year warranty on parts and labor for Most work or repairs. Ten years on service equipment, like breaker boxes and meter panels.

Can I set up an appointment now?

You sure can! Call us at 610-449-2654 or by filling out the "schedule Service Online" form found here.

Do you have a travel charge?

We do have a modest $69.00 travel charge . The reason for the travel charge, simple, it costs money to run a legitimate electrical contracting service company. Our Technicians are some of the best, our trucks are fully stocked to handle your needs 90+ percent of the time, thereby saving your time, and money.

Phone Quote

"I just want a quote over the phone".

Many of our customers ask us this as soon as we answer the phone. Can you imagine a doctor evaluating your illness over the phone? How about asking your plumber to determine if you have a leak in your water pipes, and what it would cost to fix it, over the phone. Or ask your CPA or Tax Preparer, "How mu ch is my refund?" before allowing them to look at your paper work, or prepare a legitimate tax return. "How long is a piece of string?"

The point is, NO QUALIFIED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR can ACCURATELY give you a price on repairs or work with so many unknown variables. Any price they do give is subject to change, upon their arrival and inspection of the conditions of the repair or work to be done. Martella Electric will send out a highly qualified, Trained and Licensed Electrician with year s of experience, and he will give you a price on your work or repairs, before he starts, so you know what the cost is prior to any work being initiated.

Free Estimates

"I just want a free estimate."

We are occasionally asked this. Free Estimate, sounds good. Who does that, Home Depot? Sears? Lowe's? Nope.

If you have a company that says it will "Give you a Free Estimate", beware. Most of the "Free" is covered by their "First Half Hour Charge" and it is anywhere From $69.95 to over $185.00. This is very deceptive and may be illegal.

You should always check out a company and their reputation before using them. Check us out on Better Business Bureau.




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