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Oftentimes it is easy to assume our home's electrical system is operating without any defects or infractions of local electrical codes, but if you live in an older house your electrical system may not be up-to-date with today’s codes. While past standards may have been adequate at the time of construction, changes to code can pose serious problems.

Nowadays, appliances and electronics require greater capacity and you may find your home electrical systems are pushed to the limit. Moreover, miscellaneous additions and poorly handled electrical repairs can quickly make an electrical system hazardous. Thankfully, Martella Electric Company can help with our residential wiring services.

You likely have questions about costs, requirements, and problems related to home rewiring. Our Delaware County electricians have all of the information, tools, and expertise you need. Reach out to us by calling (484) 341-7113.

When to Upgrade Your Electrical Wiring

Just because you may have an older home does not mean that it requires rewiring, but you can make your property dramatically more livable while improving safety with the rewiring services that we can provide.

​​​​​​It can be difficult to determine whether your home could benefit from upgraded electrical wiring, so look for these signs:

  • Electrical fuses blow regularly
  • There is excessive use of extension cords
  • Poor lighting due to inadequate fixtures
  • Electrical plugs or sockets get hot
  • Electrical plugs or sockets have scorch marks
  • Modern and dated wiring are mixed
  • Your electrical system (knob and tube) is ungrounded

Although your electrical wiring system is designed for years of use, deterioration and a change in demands can prompt the need for wiring repairs. Contact our Delaware County home rewiring team to help you determine whether you need a simple repair or a completely new system.

What Is Involved in Rewiring a House?

The electrical wiring system of every house is different, so it can be difficult to fully understand what needs to be done until a thorough inspection is performed and the homeowner’s needs are assessed.

Typically there are two types of home rewiring projects:

  • Partial home rewiring: A partial home rewiring focuses on the upgrade or replacement of a portion of your existing electrical system. Typically this includes upgrading existing fuse boxes, fittings, or cables to improve efficiency and meet the required standards.
  • Total home rewiring: A full rewiring of a home electrical system is much more involved than a partial rewire. It focuses on the replacement of the entire electrical system and often requires access to house wiring by opening walls, ceilings, and other areas that commonly contain electrical components. If we cut a hole to rewire, we promise to repair it.

Our Carefully Thought Out Rewiring Process

Although there is no way to anticipate the level of rewiring that may be required in your home, you can rest assured that our Delaware County electricians will approach your project methodically to give you a complete understanding of what’s involved.

The steps in our rewiring process include:

  • Complete interview: problems and goals
  • Thorough inspection: electric panel and electrical system
  • Plan description: providing you with an estimate
  • Quick execution: our team performs the necessary work
  • Client communication: maintained throughout the entire process
  • Conclusion: all work performed is tested completely to ensure exceptional quality

Benefits of Rewiring a House

Old wiring systems are often outdated and can be potentially hazardous or more sensitive to hazards. Rewiring your entire indoor electrical system can provide you with additional reassurance that you and everyone you live with is safe and comfortable. Additionally, an older house that has been had modern rewiring done will sell for a higher value than homes without the modern electrical systems.

Your safety is very important to our Delaware County electricians. That is why we take every measure to ensure you are safe and comfortable when rewiring your space. No matter if you need complete or partial home rewiring, call Martella Electric Company for electrical assistance.

There is no time to waste when it comes to complex rewiring. Reach out to our experienced Delaware County home rewiring electricians at (484) 341-7113.

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