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Professional Recessed Lighting Installation in Delaware County

Broomall Recessed Lighting Installation Has Never Been Easier

Customers in Delaware County are always satisfied with their new lighting installations that our electricians at Martella Electric Company provide. Our Delaware County recessed lighting fixtures are subtle and can light up any room without the unnecessary clutter of standing lamps or hanging light fixtures.

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There are multiple uses for recessed lighting, including, but not limited to:

  • Ambient lighting: This general type of lighting is suitable for a variety of events and activities in your home. Ambient lighting offers a welcoming amount of light and cancels out any unwanted shadows and dark contrasts in the room.
  • Task lighting: Customers desire this type of lighting fixture because it focuses light in desired spaces so any kind of task like reading can be performed with ease.
  • Accent lighting: This type of fixture uses hard lighting to accent any area of interest in the home. Many customers enjoy accenting trophies, art, entertainment centers, as well as many other valuables in the home.

Functional & Attractive Trims that Make an Impact

When it comes to choosing a type of lighting that is most suitable for your home, it can be difficult to make a decision without being able to see how the fixture functions in your interior space. Luckily, our Broomall recessed lighting installation team can provide you with all of the information you need to know about the types of trim we offer and can give you suggestions in regards to where the trim might be the most functional and attractive.

Some very popular recessed lighting trims include:

  • Baffle trim: This style features large grooves dedicated to absorb excess light and reduce glare. Many customers install this trim in their dens, dining rooms, and living rooms.
  • Reflector trim: This trim puts out more light and are typically preferred in kitchens and rooms with high ceilings where extra light might be needed.
  • Adjustable trim: This style offers many possible uses like accent lighting, general lighting, and task lighting. Customers love this trim because it allows them to move the bulb to shift the focus of the light.
  • Lensed trim: This type of trim protects the room from moisture because it is covered by a lens. This is usually used in bathrooms and showers.
  • Decorative trim: This style is quickly becoming the most favored as an extra decorative addition to any area in the home. This trim is not only attractive, but is also energy efficient, as it uses a low voltage halogen bulb.

Our Delaware County electricians at Martella Electric Company can provide you with more information about you recessed lighting options. Call today at (484) 341-7113 or contact us online!

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